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Rated 5 / 5 stars

"Simply put, this was a fun game!
nuff said!
the story was interesting as well!
But nothings better than a fun game you could get lost in for a few hours!
I miss that these days u_u"
Why It was fun
-If was fast pace!
-They game didn't remove me from the action every time i died
and I didn't have to wait behind a load screen with every death
-The levels were challenging, even the easy levels had grapefruit to provide more of
a challenge the whole way through!
-Grab factor! It's that same feeling when you'er reading a good book or watching a great show, and you keep telling your self "one more page" Or "One more episode"
It's the same thing here, I should have been in my bed But i kept telling my self "one more level" Until it was over

Things that could've been better
I truly have to nit pick for this section cause in all honesty there was nothing i found awful
-There were some levels were the dialogue got in the way....That's it

Final words
Ive never written a review before, but this game moved me to do so!
Thanks for the experience, I had a really good time.
Good Night!

Ps: My spelling/Grammer isn't the best
Please forgive me XD

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